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Here you are .... on your way to become an AuPair in Australia.

All AuPairs in Australia can contact us for guidance, advice, links and tips.


 but ...

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book flights
get health insurance

order Credit Cards

Open an Australian bank account

apply for your visa

and your tax file number

Here you are ... on your way to become a host family for your (next)AuPair.

Combine the caring with the sharing ... and provide a warm and welcoming temporary home for a young (mostly female) adult from overseas during a gap year.

AuPairs help you with all child related tasks and care and will also contribute to general light household duties.

As a family you provide a room, full board, all your love and warmth and depending on hours and duties some pocket money.

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Get an overseas AuPair ... and your sanity back.



AuPair in Australia

You have decided to come to Australia and you want to be an AuPair. Great choice!

Australia is the land of dreams. The culture, the laid back people and the amazing landscape will fascinate you as it has many before you and will many more after you - before you come back again.

With our boutique service agency AuPair-Assist we make sure that you will have the experience of your life time! We are experts in the AuPair industry, we know where the hickups occure and can help quickly with our expertise, links, tipps, solutions, advice and even with an emergency plan (has never been used but always good to have).

Becoming an AuPair in Australia needs some planning. To make it easier for you, just follow our simple list:

  1. You need to be at least 18 years of age.

  2. You need a valid passport.

  3. You need to be able to afford the travel expense. You usually would arrive by plane. There are one-way options or tickets with an open-return, which means you decide later on departure date and airport. This is the preferred option.

  4. Working Holiday Visum
AustralienWorking Holiday Visum AustralienYou need to come on a visa with working rights, which is usuallly the working holiday visa (subclass 417) or the work and holiday visa (subclass 462), a student visa or any other visa with working rights.
    (If you are only able to come on a tourist visa, please click here)

  5. Please read up on the visa conditions, be especially aware that you would need to have access to funds of AU$ 5000 to support yourself whilst in Australia if your are on a 417 or 462 visa subclass.

  6. To apply for the visa you would need to pay a fee. You can apply online and pay with your credit card. If you do not have one, please source a suitable card preferable without any annual fee and also no fees for foreign transactions. If you understand German here is the best option for you - you can apply from anywhere in the world with WebID.

  7. It is strongly recommended to have overseas health cover including a liability insurance. The health cover should have no excess payable by you and please find an insurance you can take out for at least one year, two are even better, which you can cancel once you are back home. It would be much harder to get further insurance if you stay longer than initially planned.
    Australia has a reciprocal health agreement with some countries, however, extra cover for gap payments should be taken out.

    While yoHealth coverHealth coveru travel overseas you should make sure to be covered for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation arising from accident or acute illness. Usually, your domestic coverage will not be sufficient. Travel insurance will avoid extensive costs during your stay abroad.

    Our partner insurance provider offers travel insurance at affordable rates. All insurance plans are flexible and have unlimited medical coverage.  Their outstanding service is adapted to the needs of au pairs, working holiday makers, students etc. through their multi-lingual website, insurance documents as well as 24-hour number.

    No matter where you come from, you can purchase your policy directly online - even if you have already left home - and receive your insurance confirmation immediately by e-mail.

    For further information and online enrolment, please click on the banner below and purchase your insurance with only 4 steps.

    If you have arrived without health cover, it is still not too late. You can within the first 31 days of your travels. Any problems? Please contact us immediately.

  8. If your drivers licence is not in English or not recognised in Australia, an international drivers licence is advised.

  9. Australian BanksYou can open an Australian bank account right now from overseas and also transfer some money over if you feel this fits your circumstances. Apply for a NAB account right here and quote our website. NAB won't charge any fees ever and cooperates with Australia Post. They have the biggest banking network in Australia.
  10. TFNTFNOnce you are in Australia, apply for an Australian tax file number (TFN). You can ring the Australian taxation office (ATO) after one week if you have no permanent address. Once you have the TFN, quote it with your bank account to avoid tax on interest and also to your Super provider.
  11. Your employers (not Host Families) will have to make some contributions into a Superannuation account for you. This is basically your retirement account as as a temporary resident you can claim the money back once your visa has expired and you have left Australia. Living Super is our recommendation. Choose 'Safe Option' or 'Balance Option' and opt out of any insurances. Done.