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Here you are .... on your way to become an AuPair in Australia.

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Here you are ... on your way to become a host family for your (next)AuPair.

Combine the caring with the sharing ... and provide a warm and welcoming temporary home for a young (mostly female) adult from overseas during a gap year.

AuPairs help you with all child related tasks and care and will also contribute to general light household duties.

As a family you provide a room, full board, all your love and warmth and depending on hours and duties some pocket money.

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Granny AuPair in Australia

What is a Granny AuPair?

Granny AuPair is a new trend. Mostly woman who are at the end of their professional career, whose children have left the family home and are financially independent are realising that they have missed out on a dream when they were younger ... a year abroad.

If that sounds like you (or your mum, aunty ...) and your dream destination is Australia, you just found the right page.

How can I become a Granny AuPair?

You will find quite a few websites who are specialising on Granny-AuPairs, but also the big internetportals are extending their offers to include this new trend.

AuPair Assist has established a nice contact with AuPair 50+, a German based portal. The owner cares and the portal is open to all nationalities for all countries. If you like to come to Australia, we will take care of you.

What kind of visa do I need?

You can come on a student visa or on a tourist visa. The student visa has some work allowance which enables you to earn extra income, but please remember that you would have to pay for your course.

With the tourist visa you have options to apply for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. While the 3 months visa is a simple electronic affair, the extended visas need a little more paper work.

The visitor visa allow you to work as a genuine volunteer, means that no Australian would get employed for this position and you work in exchance for normal cost of living with reimbursement for out of pocket expenses. You are allowed to help out in exchange for accommodation and board.

How many hours would I work?

Based on the above, the arrangement should cover up to 20 hours help in the household and with the children. You are free to negotiate with the host family to come to a mutual suitable arrangement.


We will soon provide more detailed information on this page. Meanwhile read up here.