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Here you are .... on your way to become an AuPair in Australia.

All AuPairs in Australia can contact us for guidance, advice, links and tips.


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book flights
get health insurance

order Credit Cards

Open an Australian bank account

apply for your visa

and your tax file number

Here you are ... on your way to become a host family for your (next)AuPair.

Combine the caring with the sharing ... and provide a warm and welcoming temporary home for a young (mostly female) adult from overseas during a gap year.

AuPairs help you with all child related tasks and care and will also contribute to general light household duties.

As a family you provide a room, full board, all your love and warmth and depending on hours and duties some pocket money.

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Get an overseas AuPair ... and your sanity back.




Wwoofer are Willing workers on organic farms. Although the only requirement for someone who offers you a position is farm work, which might even be an extended vegetable patch.

Wwoorfer will work in exchange for room and board. If you are interested in finding a place you might want to check out the Harvesttrail website from the Australian government.

You can search for jobs by postcode, which is just great if you look to get your 2nd Working Holiday Visa, as Wwoofing will be recognised for it, as long as your employer aims to make a profit.

You will also find quite a bit of information on the internet where other travellers share their information and rate the work conditions.

Important: If an offer is too good to be true or you are required to pay any money in advance it probably is a scam.

Wwoofing is also great for AuPairs who have a little down time, eg. the host family is away on holidays. That way you can really experience the Australian country life.

You can also go wwoofing with a tourist visa under certain conditions, which is mainly being a genuine volunteer.

  • work as a genuine unpaid volunteer,
  • but only if an Australian resident would not otherwise be paid to do the work 

Note: You can be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses such as meals and accommodation.

You can read up at "What this Visa lets you do", then go to "Tourist Stream":

If you really do not like farm work at all, but you would love to do something different except being an AuPair and travelling, you should consider to volunteer.

All of the big job search engines in Australia will have their own tab for it. Just have a look, you never know what you will find ... maybe you can help out in the koala park.

This is just a short information so that you simply keep your eyes open to see what Australia has on offer for you. You can make a wealth of experiences.

Just grab them!