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Here you are .... on your way to become an Au Pair in Australia.

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Host Familieswww.aupair-assist.com

Here you are ... on your way to become a host family for your (next) Au Pair.

Combine the caring with the sharing ... and provide a warm and welcoming temporary home for a young (mostly female) adult from overseas during a gap year.

Au Pairs help you with all child related tasks and care and will also contribute to general light household duties.

As a family you provide a room, full board, all your love and warmth and depending on hours and duties some pocket money.

We have a special website for Australian host families 


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Demi-Pair in Australia

What is a Demi-Pair

The Demi-Pair works usually between 15-20 hours in exchange for room and board for the family and the family considers the commitment of the Demi-Pair.

The Demi-Pair programme started with language school students, who had their own day time commitments because of their language courses but wanted to make most of their stay while living with an Australian life to experience the real culture.

More and more families invited these students into their homes as home-stays and soon realized that it would be much more mutual beneficial if the student would work for the family instead of paying for room and board.

Do I need to study to become a Demi-Pair?

No, you don't have to study.

The Demi-Pair program meanwhile is so popular that more and more Au Pairs and families are interested in this option.

The new trend shows that Demi-Pairs combine their Demi-Pair homestay arrangement with additional employment elsewhere.

Demi-pairs with extra jobs immerse themselves completely into the Australian life and also have usually more money to spend than full time Au Pairs, but are still enjoying the warmth of a family and all the extra benefits which come with this.

What kind of visa do I need?

Demi-pairs can come on any visa with working rights. But even visitor visa conditions allow genuine voluntary work. So if you would love to visit Australia, you might even be allowed to be a home-stay Demi-Pair.

This is actually a new trend for Granny Au Pairs. More information about Granny Au Pairs is here.

So there is no pocket money for Demi-Pair?

It depends ... on the needs of the family.

As long as you have a reliable work schedule which enables you to find other income options and you work no more than 20 hours this would actually cover for room and board.

However, if your host family needs you to be flexible with the hours, for example if they are shift workers, and are unable to help you to find other income sources, they usually pay some pocket money.

You are free to negotiate this, especially if you have professional skills and experience. But the same applies as for normal Au Pair positions: If you are doing it only for the money/savings aupairing might not be for you.